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2011 Zeitgeist Half Marathon Results

2011 Zeitgeist Half Marathon Photos

Ah Zeitgeist.  This is a race that I’ve been wanting to do for a few years now and it never coincided with my schedule.  Ok, that’s not entirely true.  I showed up for the finish last year to cheer on some friends.  My buddy Shane and I took our dogs to the park to watch the finish.  Shortly after we got there we noticed that we were two 40ish year olds, neat, one with a min pin one with a dachshund and that we looked like a cute couple.  We took some grief for that one from the rest of the BFRs.

Zeitgeist Elevation Chart
Zeitgeist Elevation Map

The night before the run I felt some pain in the lower back and sciatic nerve which had been bothering me for a month or so now.  I had only signed up days before this and was having second thoughts.  I just told myself to run at a comfortable pace and I should be able to hit my 2 hour goal.

The first 3 miles you gain about 600 feet in elevation.  I figured that I’d just run walk the uphill portions and run the downhill and flat sections.  I was surprised that when I reached the top of the first hill I hadn’t taken any walk breaks and had averaged about a 8:40 pace.  This is a really good uphill pace for me. 

First downhill only I didn’t get a bike.

This is where the first downhill began.  I ate a Gu at mile four and by mile 5 I had brought my overall pace down to about an 8:12.  During the downhill I gave back about 400 feet in elevation.  Mile 5 to mile 6.5 you gain around is 185 feet.  6.5 to 7.2ish you give back about 70 feet and this is your last rest time before the last, brutal climb. 

Very first run in my new Hoka One One Stinsons
Hoka One One StinsonI was excited and worried.  Up until now I’d maintained my 8:12ish pace but was headed for the steep hill coming out on Cartwright road “CARTWRIGHT!!!”.  I was just hoping I hadn’t gone out too fast up until this point.  The good thing is this hill is only a mile long, the bad news is you gain about 360 feet in elevation.  My goal here was to keep my average pace around 8:40 when I hit the top of the hill.  I took two walk breaks on the way up making sure that I didn’t burn everything on this last climb.  When I got to the top I took another 30 second walk and then hit the downhill.  My overall pace at this point, 8:30.  I was pretty excited and feeling good.

The next few miles were great.  Miles 8.3 to 11.5 you give back 670 feet of elevation.  Just point yourself downhill and let the legs fly.  Miles 9, 10 and 11 pace 8:18, 7:00 and 6:57 and I was still felling pretty good.  Miles 11 through 13.1 are fairly flat with some rolling hills with one short but steep climb right before the finish.  7:27, 7:34 were my last two miles with a 7:32 for the last .1.  1:45 finish time, 8:02ish average pace.  121st out of 1013 runners and I was chicked 23 times.

Although Shane hates this route more than life itself, I enjoyed Zeitgeist.  Of course it’s easy to like a course when you have a good day.

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