Jul 18

Greenbelt2We met at Glenwood in Boise for our weekly Saturday run.  Our group has a different set of goals for each week so we decided to do a double out and back.  Those wanting a shorter run could stop after the first and those of us trying to get more mileage can head the opposite direction when we get back to the cars.

Morten and I were out for 20 miles this weekend and our wives were hitting 14.  We traveled downstream on the Boise Green Belt to Eagle Road for the first out and back, 10 miles, and then from Glenwood to Shoreline in Boise for the second, 10 more. 

6:30 a.m. was our starting time.  For some reason the last few runs have been really tough for the first 4 miles or so.  Once I hit around 4 I’ve felt better and the rest of the run hasn’t been too bad.  We finished our 20 miles at an 8:43 pace.  The San Francisco Half Marathon is only 2 weeks away followed by the Emmett triathlon on August 13th, the Payette Lake Run on September 4th and the Portland Marathon on October 9th.

Bogus Basin RideSunday morning I met Jeff and Shane at Camels Back Park.  Our plan was to ride up to Bogus Basin Ski Resort and back down.  Round trip of 33.17 miles 15 miles of which has an elevation gain of around 3500 feet.  This is the first time Shane and I tried to take on this hill.  We averaged 8.8 mph on the uphill reaching the top in 1:42 and some change.  I personally thought we were going to average around 6 mph so we were really happy with this ride, especially after a 20 mile run the day before.  We got a shot of us at the top of Bogus Basin and the index finger our the sweet lady that took the photo for us.

Kristen Armstrong BikewayJeff gave us some pointers for climbing the hill that paid off and fixed my clicking gears.  Nice to have a bike nerd on the ride with us to keep us in line. 

We usually do a mountain bike ride on Sundays because the scenery is nicer and we just have more fun on the dirt but I had a real good time on the road bike.  The scenery up the hill was like that of a mountain bike run and we got up into the trees so many of the views were comparable.  Now Shane and I are setting up goals for increasing our speed up this hill.

On our way down the hill we passed by Kristen Armstrong going up the hill.  We got to see her again when she blew by us on the decent.  I never have had a problem with getting chicked since it happens so often and especially when it’s buy an Olympic Gold Medalist.  At least it looked like her, we’re pretty sure it was her.   I’m saying it was her.

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