Jul 17

Sprint Triathlon Swim A triathlon itself is made up of three continuous endurance events.  The most popular triathlon consists of swim followed by the bike followed by a run.  The goal is to get the best overall time including the time transitioning between the swim/bike and the bike/run.

The Sprint Triathlon consists of a 750 meter swim, 20km bike and a 5km run.  Roughly .47 mile swim, 12.43 mile bike and a 3.1 mile run.

Sprint Triathlon Bike If you’re considering your first Triathlon this is a good one to start off with.  Pick a race where you can where a wetsuit.  The wetsuit helps with buoyancy and will help you out during your first race swim.  Unless you are already a great swimmer then, uh, never mind.  🙂

The bike distance is long enough to challenge you but short enough you can use a less expensive or mountain bike.  After you fall in love with it you can then go buy a road or tri bike.

The run you could walk if you needed to and it would still be possible to finish in the same day 🙂

Try to join up with a training buddy to enter the same race with you and train for the same goal.  This will help you with your motivation level and make the workouts more enjoyable.  My best workouts are those that I do with friends.

CAUTION:  Triathlons are very addicting.  If you don’t know that you have IT bands or hips, you will.   

Sprint Triathlon Run

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