Mar 15

I woke up Saturday morning hoping that the rain would hold out until after our run.  No Luck!!

3-13-2010 run

My Posse 🙂

There was just a slight breeze and a little drizzle when I left the house.  On the way to Forte Boise the snow and wind came a running.  I really don’t mind running in the snow when it is falling as long as the roads aren’t slushy, we had slushy roads.

We started off up Shaw Mountain Road and broke off onto Table Rock heading up to where the pavement ends.  I was at about mile 2.5 when my feet were soaked.  SLUSH!!!!!  As we neared the top of the hill the wind was really blowing.

Now usually when you start to head down the mountain there is a certain feeling of relief.  That was also the case here until we got about 100 feet into the downhill and realized the snow was now in the form of little pellets and the wind was causing a nice stinging feeling in the face.  I had a couple pelt me in the eyes that felt just marvelous!

As we got back to the Shaw Mountain Road, Table Rock Road junction we headed up Shaw towards Rocky Canyon until we hit the dirt trail.  At this point we started the pain all over again turning around and climbing back up Table Rock.

Again the decent down table rock was a little painful until we got low enough that the falling snow had softened up.  We had a pretty good pace going downhill this time and I believe it was because we all felt the end was near.  The snow stopped falling just in time for us to take this photo.

We ended up with 13.1 miles in 1h 55m.  Even with the weather being as horrible as it was, I had a really good time running with my posse yo 🙂

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