Mar 20

I have a cold.  I have a horrible cold.  It is all in my head.  I mean it is a head cold not that I’m just imagining that I have a cold.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading trying to decide if I should go out for my 20 mile run tomorrow.  Most of the articles that I have read say the same thing.  If it is above the neck, you can run.  If it moves into your chest or you get a fever don’t.

I’ve decided to just listen to my body tomorrow morning.  If I feel like going for a run tomorrow I will.  If I only get to about mile 3 and decide I should turn around I will.  If I wake up and feel like possums have made a nest inside of my sinuses I will remain in bed until such nest has been evacuated.

The problem is I don’t want a break in my training.  I don’t want to fall behind the rest of the group.  This is where many runners, triathletes, and wannabes like myself struggle.  You work so hard to get where you are afraid of losing what you have achieved.

So in my computer geek expertise, if it’s above the neck proceed with caution.  It’s probably ok to run or ride but don’t push it or over exert yourself.  Keep your pace and distance moderate.  You have the cold because you immune system in compromised.  Don’t make it worse by pushing to hard.

I have plenty of time before The Race to Robie Creek and even more time before the Ogden Half Marathon and Boise Ironman.  A little rest may be what I need.

Now I’m off to take the night time sniffling sneezing coughing aching stuffy head fever so I can rest medicine.

2 Responses to “Should I run with a cold?”

  1. Todd Says:

    If it’s in your head go ahead, if it’s in your chest take a rest.

  2. Paul Says:

    I tried I tried and then I died.

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