Mar 07

I’ve asked around, asked doctors and of course googled and it seems to be the consensus that it is ok to run if your cold is not in your chest.

Well, Saturday morning I felt like complete shit Ferris but I decided to give it a go anyway.  I could tell at mile one that I was in for trouble.  I turned at mile 4 and continued running.  I was ahead of the others because they stopped for a bit to talk and take in a Gu.  I was doing the run walk so I had a few minutes to go before my next Gu.  That gap shortened very quickly and I was soon passed by the entire group of BFRs.

I decided to stop after 8 miles, 8 short of our planned 16, but Shane and I talked each other into finishing the run.  It hurt.  You know how your body aches when you are sick, now imagine that at miles, 14, 15 and 16.  Shane was a real trooper slowing down and walking with me during my numerous moments of crisis.  My run walk turned into a run, walk, crawl, stop, stretch, whine, rinse, and repeat.

It’s now Monday.  I didn’t move Saturday after my shower, the entire day Sunday and I worked from home today.  I got beaten down.  Maybe knocking out 16 miles wasn’t such a great idea.  Fatiguing by body that much while I was sick really brought me down.  Saturday and Sunday were mostly spent in the spirit world but I’m happy to report that I have stayed awake the entire day today.  Coughed a lot, but stayed awake.

So even though it is technically ok to run with a cold, if you believe there may be more to it than just the run of the mill cold, take the day off.  There will be many more Saturday runs in the future, missing one won’t kill you.  Just my non-expert opinion.

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