Oct 02

I’m in East Idaho so I’m going to miss the Saturday morning run with the gang.  I decide to take a run starting from the in-laws house and along the maintenance road on the river.  I run to the main highway along the maintenance road and it’s a little rocky.  I’m thinking to myself that I’m risking a sprained ankle.  I hit the first of the Twin Bridges and decide to try the trail on the other side of the river.  It too has the larger river rock so I double back to run along the road.  Danger one avoided.

Since I’m close to the river you’re risking running into some wildlife.  Entering the in-laws neighborhood last night we saw a couple of deer so I know that the most dangerous predator that I have to watch for while running is liable to be close by.

Running along the road I see a snake.  It had been run over and was small, just a water snake so no danger here.  This predator, while in its shell is quite dangerous in East Idaho.  If you can get it out of its shell then you are pretty safe.  So with all of the wildlife that can be along the river, what could it be?  Mountain Lion?  Bear?  Crocodile, not in East Idaho.  No, its the ever so NON elusive Redneck in a pickup truck.

I start thinking to myself that I’m wearing bright yellow which should detour and warn this danger that I’m around.  But then I realized not even hunter orange is always a safe color here.  And then it happened.  The scariest thing that you can see during hunting season.  A mailbox with the name Cheney on it.  Now I’m not only worried about the white pickup truck pulling a trailer but I’m also worried about Dick lurking around each corner.

Actually the run was quite nice.  The drivers here, including the rednecks 🙂 gave me plenty of room usually moving into the far lane.  Much more than I could have even asked for.  It’s nice to be home.

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  1. Jared Says:

    LOL – nice! 🙂

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