Apr 06

We headed out Saturday morning with plans of a 15.5 mile run.  We met up with the Boise Sloths at Fort Boise park and intended on running to Aldape Summit and back.  This run is brutal and me, being and old man, got sick two weeks ago and I’m still trying to get back into a groove.  We have a couple runners that are doing the Race to Robie Creed again.  I skipped out again this year since I’m running the Ogden Marathon 2 weeks later but went along for the run because it was hill week anyway.

We head out about 7:20 a.m. on our planned route.  The FrontRunners doing 15.5 and the Sloths turning around a bit sooner for 13.  I was doing pretty well and keeping up with Jon and Bill until about mile 5.  Then my wheels started to come off a little.  They didn’t fall off but the pace was getting much slower.  Katie from the Sloths passed me around mile 6 and we shared a few words as she pulled away.  I was so happy to see her at her turn around point.  She was the only sloth there so of course I had to stop for a second to keep her company while she waited for the others.  It had nothing to do with the fact that I was going to pass out.

Map of the Debacle

I said my goodbyes and headed towards the summit.  Just before the top John and Bill were coming back down.  The doubled back the last couple hundred yards or so to the summit with me, bless their little hearts.  Once I got to the top I opened up my Fuel Belt case and took out my iPod.  I figured I may be running alone again for some of this downhill portion. 

Heading down I had my long sleeve shirt around my waist and decided it was getting cold enough to put it back on.  This was at 1.25 miles from the top of the summit.  While untying my shirt I noticed that I left the zipper open when getting my iPod and my key had fallen out between here and the summit.  I yelled to the other two to keep going and I turned for the summit for the second time.  This was a mind f*&# as I had to “Walk” up the hill searching for my key. 

I asked those coming down the hill if they had seen it.  At about the third person they said a guy near the top of the hill had it.  They described him and his dog to me and I had remembered seeing them.  I started running again and as I made it to the summit, there were not there.  They had gone over and down the other side.  Mentally beaten down again I start my decent going the wrong direction.  Luckily at .25 miles I see them on their way back up.  I got my key, thanked him about 10 times and walked back to the summit with them.  There I took off heading for the finish.  10.5 miles in and I only had 7.5 to go to get back to the car.  And lucky me, the wind started blowing uphill and it started to rain.

Bill and John both came back up in their trucks to see if I needed a ride back down.  By this time I only had 3 miles and the weather was looking up so I declined telling them I would just finish it out.  This was another mistake.  1 mile later I had another hill to climb and the weather went bad again.  I got to the top and started my final decent.  By the time I got to the parking lot, 3+ hours later, I hit 18 miles on the nose.  I guess I chalk this run up to one of those that toughens you up a little.  Amen.

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