Mar 30

Since The Race to Robie Creek is drawing near we decided to do a dry run.  We started at Forte Boise and headed up Shaw Mountain Road.  It was a great morning but a little chilly in the beginning.  This hill is a relentless climb and doesn’t give you many flat sections for recovery. 

Race to Robie Creek 2009 FinishAround mile 5 I could really feel the run that I did 3 days before on the same hill.  Tuesday’s run was 10 miles starting at the dirt and reaching the summit.  Saturday’s run was 14 miles running up the coarse to mile 7, about a mile from the summit,  and coming back down.

I held up pretty good and even felt like I wasn’t taking too bad of a pounding coming downhill.  My hands, however, were frozen all the way up and back.  By the time I was finished I couldn’t feel my fingers.  John, Trina, Kerry and Ryan all had warm hands.  John was even nice enough to mention that he had to take his gloves off at the top of the run.

We finished 14 miles at 2:05.  This wasn’t too bad considering the elevation climb but I’m still needing to shave about 6 or 7 minutes off of my climb during the race to finish under 2 hours.

The race is in 17 days 21 hours and 32 minutes.  Not that I’m counting.  April 17th 2010 at 12:00 noon.

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