Apr 13

This is by far my favorite pair of shoes that I have worn in a long time. If you like a  cushioned running shoe try this one out. I’ve recommended it to 3 different people that I work with and all three of them fell in love with this shoe. We also gave a pair to my dad for Christmas and he really likes them.

I have flat feet which you lead you to believe that I would have a problem with over pronating. However, I’m so bow legged that it basically equals things out. At least that’s what my shoe tells me when I look at the tread wear.

This is by far the most cushioned shoe that I’ve worn since Nike Jordan basketball shoes in the 80s when they had the reflective tongue and mesh sides.

I’m still wearing the Nike Zoom Vomero +3s. The 4s have been out for awhile and 5s are now out. You can pick the 3s and some colors of the 4s out for around 89.99 right now. My favorite color is orange so I’m going to be picking these up.

As always, make sure it is the right shoe for you before you get a pair. If you like a cushioned shoe check this one out.  I’m looking to try out the Newton Sir Isaac shoe next, if I can part with $150.

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