Jan 18

DSC_0364 I did my first Triathlon in Boise Idaho on Saturday July 11th, 2009. I have to say that after competing in this first race I am hooked. This race gave me all the satisfaction of a marathon without the continuous pounding of the marathons that I’ve been running, not that I’m going to stop doing marathons.

I didn’t do too bad for my first Triathlon. I finished in 2:44:26. My goal was to come in under 3 hours and my optimistic goal was to come in under 2:50:00 so I was pretty excited by my finish time.

I haven’t been swimming too long so that is the part that had me a little nervous. Sitting out in the water bobbing around waiting for the gun didn’t help matters any. And go figure, a couple of minutes in the water and I had to pee. I hadn’t, and still haven’t christened my suite yet so I just held it and waited for the gun. I finished the swim in 32:27. Talking to some of the racers afterwards, those who had some experience, they believed the swim was a little short and this was reflected in my next race when I finished the swim 3 minutes slower.

After getting out of the water I was a little disoriented. Luckily I had been warned about the fact that this may occur so I wasn’t too worried about it and stumbled up to my bike. My transition from swim to bike was 2:33. As you can see I wasn’t too concerned about how fast I got changed. I was more concerned about making sure I had everything I needed.

The bike ride was great. We start off on a little out and back that took about around 6 miles and then headed up a grueling 3 to 3.5 mile hill. I blistered up this hill at an amazing 7 or so mph. After getting to the summit and topping off my fuel tank with a GU I hit the downhill. This part was pretty fun with a top speed around 45 miles per hour. The rest of the ride was fine but I’d have to say I enjoyed the long downhill the most. The great thing about Triathlons is when you are getting sick of doing one event, it’s time to do something else.DSC_0345

I got off the bike with a time of 1:13:18. This was followed by a transition of 0:52. I spoke briefly with a 55 or so old gentleman during our transition and we both took off about the same time from there. We ran together for about 1.5 miles until he broke out a lead of a couple hundred yards. I used his pace to pull me along trying to keep him in sight throughout the remainder of the race. I ended up passing him with about .5 miles to go in my final kick. However, he ended up beating me by quite a ways in the Emmett Triathlon. I finished the run in 51:00 averaging an 8:13 pace. I was pretty happy with this.

I had a really good time doing this race with a couple of buddies that had done the Boise Half Ironman and a couple of buddies from work who were also doing their first Tri.

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