Feb 01

A group of us are training for an Ironman.  A few of us are doing Coeur d’ Alene Ironman and a few of us, myself included, are training for the Boise Half Ironman.  Last years, 2009, finish in the Boise Ironman had to have been one of the closest in Ironman history with Craig Alexander passing Chris Lieto in a final sprint to the finish.  Just watching this finish makes you want to get out and run.

IMG_8331 Training for marathons and triathlons with friends and setting goals in the same races is one of the best ways that I stay motivated.  There are some Saturday mornings where getting out of bed at 5:30 a.m. to get ready for the run just doesn’t sound fun.  These are the times that training with friends comes in handy.  You feel an obligation to be there in the morning and it pays off with some of the greatest runs you’ll have.

This morning we had a 40 mile ride planned out.  Even though the weather wasn’t cooperating 3 of us decided to give it a shot.  We headed out in a wet snowfall in 34F degree weather.  We made it out 1.5 miles when we discovered the water combined with the temp was just going to make this a miserable ride.  We ended up turning around and only getting in about 3 miles.  We got back to Todd’s house and Todd, Brent and I set up our trainers and turned the wheels for 2 hours.  Trainers are not the most fun when compared to riding outside and Todd, Brent and I all admitted that if we wouldn’t have been there as a group we probably would have only lasted about a half our on the trainer instead of two hours.

IMG_8341 Training for a Triathlon can get into your blood.  All of us enjoy getting together on Saturdays for a run and Sundays for a ride.  Eventually we’ll end up doing brick training on one of those days.  We all mostly do our own training during the week.  Some of us get together on Wednesdays for an interval run and spin class.  As soon as we have enough light in the afternoons, we will replace this workout with a small brick.

The foothills of Boise were full of runners this weekend and it is truly an awesome feeling to be up in  the hills looking over the city when the sun rises.

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