Mar 09

Run 3-6-2010I know it’s been a long time since my last post.  I’ve been working on the mapping tool and trying to figure out what I want the design of this site to look like.  Not really a good excuse but there it is.  Shane was nice enough to take this pic of the group.  We had a great turn out.

I think I’m getting pretty close to all the functionality on the map my route tool now I just need to make it look pretty so that Shane will use it.  Then all that’s left is the ability to store more information about the route like terrain.

We’ve been doing well with our Ironman and Half Ironman training.  This weekend we did an 18 mile run on Saturday which was, as the French say, PAINFUL.  I’m really hoping to break that 2 hour mark on the Race to Robie Creek.  Damn the mountain!

We followed that run up with a 73.5 mile bike ride on Sunday.  This is my longest ride to date and I was pulled along by Ryan, Todd, Brent and Shane.  It was a good day.  We made it to mile 58 before some old redneck hero buzzed us with his Champaign colored Nissan X-Terra.  Then we had another nice fellow pass Shane and Todd real fast only to turn right directly in front of them.  I yelled out something to do with him being a donkey.  We’ve just conceded to the fact that we will never get a ride in where everyone on the road that day is polite to the cyclists.  Just not going to happen.

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