Mar 17

IMG00061 Since we had a brutal weekend of training doing a 13.1 mile hill run and a 68.7 mile bike I decided I was going to do a nice easy run in the Boise foothills last night.  This trail would have had two short steep climbs but then the rest of the run would have been pretty moderate,  Kestral, Crestline and Lower Hull 5 mile loop

This changed when I gave Shane a call on my way.  I told him I was going for a run so we decided to meet at Municipal Park in downtown Boise and run up the face of Table Rock, swing around back and then run back down the face on an alternate trail.  Not one of our best decisions.

IMG00060 When you haven’t run a trail in awhile you really don’t remember sometimes how steep it really is.  This trail delivered a nice little one two punch.  The climb was brutal with many steep climbs and very little recovery time.  Our legs were beat by the time we reached the summit and we could really feel the workout from the weekend.  The trip down was a constant beating.

The weather was perfect.  64 degrees out, only a slight wind and sunny.  It was nice to see so many people out on the trails.  A lot of people out in Boise exercising.  We met a nice couple at the top enjoying the view that snapped a few pics on us on Shane’s Crackberry.

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