Mar 15

Look at this friggin map! 


So around mile 60 to 65 is a pretty good climb.  Now pan back to mile 5, WTF are these guys trying to do to me.  This ride is definitely one that we can call bragging rights.  The route ended up being 68.7 miles and we finished in 4h and 39m.

This map is more intimidating than the hill turned out to be.  I think the longer training rides that we’ve been doing have really been helping us out.

It started off at 9, the new 8, with my hands freezing and the toes not far behind.  Finally after we started up the big damn hill, aka Summit Ridge Road, my hands warmed up with the sun starting to shine and the hands remaining in that sun.  Coming back down was another story averaging around 35 mph the hands an toes again turned to ice.

Shane being the ever ready photographer got some pics of us at the summit.  We were at about mile 15 or 16 by the time we got to the top of this monster.mar14ride2 mar14ride1

We did as the sign instructed and proceeded in a lower gear.  We managed to make it down without having to use any of the runaway truck ramps which is always a good thing on a road bike.  After making it down we stopped at the bottom and fueled up.  Here I decided to add extra protein to my ride by biting a nice chunk out of my cheek.  Good thing was that they were so numb from the downhill that I didn’t notice until I felt a loose piece of cheek with my tongue.  Nice eh!

We headed out again on Highway 52, Black Canyon Highway and followed it past Black Canyon Reservoir which is where the Emmet Triathlon start is.  We went through Emmet and headed up Freezeout Hill.  Which looks like a small bump on the map and really isn’t too bad unless you are on mile 55 and have already climbed up Summit Ridge Road.

We got to the top and coasted back to Todd’s place for a nice little 4 mile follow up run where we got our asses chewed out by Master Baker, aka Shane, for running at a pace that we had no intention on racing at.  Point Taken Sorry Master.

All in all it was a good ride.  Besides some unwanted chafing by Todd throughout the ride and by Shane after making fun of Todd 🙂 in spots we don’t like to mention and the Silver Dollar sized chunk of rump roast I took out of my cheek it was a great morning/early afternoon.

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