Mar 31

So I did this route a few weeks ago with Todd and Shane and I figured there’s a route I could live without doing again.


Sunday I was persuaded to give it another try with Ryan and Brent, can you say suckafish?  I have to say it was no easier this time than last.  In fact I think it was worse after having run the The Race to Robie Creek trail twice in the last 5 days leading up to the ride or I’m just a pansy or both.

The ride didn’t start off too bad.  We were expecting some pretty good winds but they weren’t there.  We set off towards Horse Shoe Bend.  Nice ride, tired legs.

The climb was brutal as I knew it was going to be but just knowing I had a good downhill once I reached the top kept me going.  I got to the top to find Brent waiting for me and Ryan was gone.

Brent and I headed down the hill.  My top speed going down was 43.1 mph.  It was at this speed that my front wheel started shaking back and forth about 2 to 3 inches.  Don’t know if it was just the speed plus a crosswind that had picked up or what but it was not a great feeling knowing you may be going down.

I spotted a truck ramp and figured if I make it there at least the surface my face was going to hit would be slightly softer.  Luckily I brought my speed down to 35 well before the ramp and got my wheel shaking stopped.  I continued down the hill about another mile until I saw Ryan stopped at a pull out.

I pulled over to join Ryan and clean the shit out of my pants and Brent pulled in right behind me.  After a few minutes of me cleaning my shorts and brining my heart rate down we finished the remainder of the route to Horse Shoe Bend.

We headed towards Emmett and the ride was great through this entire stretch.  We stopped again after about another 20 miles to GU and eat a little something.  Here is where Ryan screwed us over big time.  He mentioned how calm it was and even showed us a flag that was barely moving.  At this time Brent and I started cursing him for cursing us.  Sure enough, about 2 miles later, we were heading into  a 20 mph wind.  (This measurement was taken by Paul’s holy crap the wind is blowing hard device)  This wind hit us in the face for the last 20 or so miles home including the climb up Freeze Out coming out of Emmett.  Pure joy riding up that hill.

After reaching the top of the hill the rest of the ride was pretty uneventful until about 1.2 miles before the finish.  Pop ssssssssssssssss.  Flat by Goat Head.  Ryan came back and picked me up in his truck.  1.2 miles wasn’t worth the tire change after 70 miles.

I’d tell you that I’m done with that route but I’m a sucker and I’m pretty sure someone will talk me into it again.

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