Apr 12

Review of my first run.

OK, so right now the only review I can give on the Hoka One One is that they are insanely ugly.  🙂

I’ve read reviews on this shoe and decided that it was a moral imperative to give them a try.  Out of all there shoes this gray one is the only one that I could muster the courage to wear.  However, if they live up to the expectations that I have placed on them I will wear any color that they put out.

I believe it was Jim, someone that I’ve only had the Hoka Bondi B The ones I orderedpleasure of running with once, came out  couple of Saturdays ago in these beasts.  I can’t remember if it was his knees or back that he had surgery on that was hindering his running.  He said since he bought these he hasn’t had any issues.  He outran my ass.  I wouldn’t have really noticed the shoe if someone else wouldn’t have been talking to him about them.  Then again maybe it was just a matter of time.

I went into Bandana, a local running store here in Hoka Bondi B Unisex, What were they thinking with these colors?Boise, to check them out.  I didn’t realize that I was going to be 2 inches taller wearing these shoes.  I’m psyched, they are very squishy, technical term.  I ordered mine online from  I found a coupon code that took $17 off the price and they shipped for free over a certain price.  Since the Hoka is $170, I got free shipping.  I would have bought them at Bandana at regular price had I known that they sold them before I went online.

I’ve been a Nike Zoom Vomero guy for quite some time now and it’ll take a really good shoe to pull me away.  I’m hoping the Hoka Bondi B is that shoe.

Stay tuned for Part duex on this shoe.  🙂

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