Apr 19

My legs were fatigued before we started the run so I wasn’t sure that I was going to give the Hoka a decent shot at a review but after the run I was impressed.

They didn’t necessarily help the fatigue disappear, which I wasn’t expecting but I had no knee pain after the run at all.  This is unusual for me having bowed legs and flat feet.  I even wore the Forest Gump shoes for 6 months as a toddler to straighten out the legs but they are still quite bent.  I tell myself that chicks dig bowed legs.  This may not be true but don’t tell me if it’s not. 

Hoka One One Bondi B I was a little worried about them taking away a little power since they are so cushioned but I didn’t see this as a problem.  I also ran a 4 miler last night and didn’t notice it there either and didn’t feel it in the knees.  The way the shoe is designed it gives you a natural roll from the midfoot through the toe.  After the first couple of runs I like them and I hope that the knee pain issue will continue to be improved.  I’ll post again after wearing them for awhile.  This is where I bought mine,  They had great customer service when I ordered the wrong size and had to send them back for the correct size.  They seem to run a little small.  I wear a 10.5 but had to get an 11.  I’ve also read a similar review where someone else had the same issue. 

These are a great shoe but be prepared for a sticker shock moment.  These beauts run $170.  Good news is that’s after title and docking fees 🙂

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