Apr 07

Right now in my opinion the Garmin Forerunner 305 is the best bang for the buck.  It has everything that I would want in a training watch.  I also bought the adapter  for the bike that comes with the velcro wristband that you can use to quickly transition from bike to run. 

I like the use of the buttons on the 305 more than the bezel on the 405.  For me it is easier to look up different views and navigate the 305 during a run or bike ride.  The bezel is a little harder to control when you are on the move.  Not sure why I think it is necessary to mess with my watch while in motion but that’s how I roll.


I did, however, buy the 405 for my wife.  She has smaller wrists and the 305 was just to clunky for her arm.  The 405 you could also get away with as an 80s style wrist watch.  The black digital watch that those of you from my generation all had.  Some of you may have even had the one with the game that you could drive a tank and shoot stuff.  This was out about the same time as the calculator watches were all the rage.

I’m still really curious about the 310 XT.  If any of you have had experience with this new beaut, I’d love to see your review about it.


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  1. SwimBikeRun Says:

    I’ve used the 310 xt for over a year now and love it. I’ve even used it for swimming about 10 times.

    However, if you are just going to be using this for running and biking I’d stick with the Garmin forerunner 305. You can pick them up so cheep now and they have all the same functionality except for water submersion. I’ve heard some have gotten away with using the 305 in the water but I’ve read many more that say it messed up their watch.

    You can still use it for triathlons but keep in mind the battery life. You may not be able to use the 305 in a full Ironman if you are anywhere close to my speed 🙂

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