Jun 24

Andrew and I headed up to Barclay Bay in Boise last night to meet up with Ryan and Todd for an open water swim. We got out of the office a little late but headed up to meet the other two anyway. When we got there the road across the dam was closed. We decided that rather than going to Spring Shores we’d head over to Veteran’s Memorial Park in the Boise Cascade Lake. Spring Shores was a closer destination but I’ve never been swimming there and wasn’t sure where the best route was to avoid the boats.

On the way back to Veteran’s we hit traffic due to a one car rollover on the freeway. We turned around as soon as there was a crossing through the median and headed down Gowen Road. We hit the office again to pick up Andrew’s rig that he’d left there since Veteran’s was on the way home for both of us.

We finally arrived at around 6:40 p.m. to start our swim. First Danger, wife is at home with 2 kids ages 3 and 7 months and I’m not getting started until 6:40 let alone getting home.

We started our first lap around the lake and made our first turn towards the dock. I was feeling pretty good and noticed that I was in front of Andrew who is a faster swimmer than I am. Then I found out why.

Danger number 2: one of the fisherman, if you can call him that with his forked stick, lawn chair and cooler, had his line out a little further than normal caught a 163 pound Andrew. Luckily it was just the line and not the hook that got Andrew. Both parties were civil about the encounter and after a few minutes Andrew was out of the line and passed me up.

I have yet to see anyone catch anything out of this lake/pond except for today when Andrew was snagged. However, it must be a great spot because the poles and coolers were lined up on the banks.

So, our new route is swim from the side to the middle, swim to the dock, swim back and then across to the start. This will enable us to stay as far away from the shore as possible. Now let’s just hope we never get a cramp 🙂

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  1. Jared Says:

    This mental image may have saved my Thursday 🙂

  2. Patrick Says:

    Jared, how did you post your comment in the future? amazing….

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