Aug 13

So, in true Paul Crane fashion I took another header last night on our mountain bike ride.  Great thing is Shane was there to return the favor of pulling the weeds out of my helmet.

We took off last night at 5:30 from Fort Boise and did one of our usual rides, Three Bears Loop.  We headed up Military Reserve Road and jumped on the trails at Trail #20, Ridge Crest.   Our route went up Bucktail,  connected with Shane’s Trail and dropped onto Shaw Mountain Road.  This part of the ride, all the way up Shaw Mountain Road to Three Bears was pretty uneventful except for Dan flirting with a boyfriend of his that we met at the beginning of Shaw Mountain Road. 

Once you hit Three Bears you have a pretty brutal climb for about 3/4 of a mile until we reached the top.  I was pretty proud of myself cleaning this climb for the second time in a row.  Most of the time I either spin out or my legs give out on this climb but this time I made it to the top again and this is where the fun begins.

We took off down Three Bears, down the stair cases through some winding single track and everything was fine.  Hit the turns no problem, stair case was a piece of cake passed Shane’s Trail and headed up to the next junction, Shane’s Trail.  Shane must have had a lot of input on the trails and their naming because you can’t avoid Shane’s Trail.  I’m always unsure about which way to go at this junction so I waited for Dan to help me out. 

Once Dan pointed me in the right direction I took off again and here is where the piece of cake turned into ride like sh… not cake.  Twice, on simple turns I road off the trail about 3 or 4 feet in the next 2 minutes.  I must have cracked under pressure now that I had a crowd of one, Dan, within view of my skill set or lack thereof.  Once we hit the junction at Central Ridge Trail we waited for the rest of the posse that consisted of Shane, Brent and Chris.  Here Dan took the lead and my following skills diminished.

Now of all the riding we just did, this part should be a breeze.  But even before we hit the fun bumps on the trail, yours truly decided to take another excursion off trail.  I glanced up ahead at Dan for less than a second and when I looked back at the trail I was taking the corner a little tight.  I adjusted and made it through only to miss the next corner and hit about a 6 to 10 inch edge going up on the trail.  This immediately chucked me off the bike and into the hill with the force of a mighty class 5 tornado.  The average man may not have survived.  On my way off the bike I believe I hit the outside of my right upper thigh on the handle bars and then got pummeled into the side of the hill.

Shane was right behind me to witness the sheer beauty of this dazzling dismount.  Brent was right behind him to check on me followed by Chris who got there as I’m on the ground and being attended to by Shane and Brent.  PAIN!!!!!  Dang that hurt.  Side of the leg where you smash right into the bone.

After a few moments of self pity I was helped back onto my bike and made it the rest of the way down with crooked handle bars to the parking lot where an ice cold beer awaited me to start the healing process.

So the moral of the story is, when you’re riding too fast for your skill level, make sure there is beer in the parking lot waiting for you.  Thanks Shane.

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