Jan 02

Friday morning, 7:00 a.m., we hit the foothills for an 11 mile run in slightly chilly weather.  Before I left for the run I looked up the temp on, 14 F feels like 4 F.  It was correct. 

Cold Weather Hill Run in Boise We started off at Fort Boise in, well, Boise.  We decided to do Shane’s Loop even though Shane wasn’t running with us that morning.  He is in Vacation mode and decided to do his run a little later that day.  Brent, Eric, Kerry, Mark and I headed up the hill.  Every time we headed North, West, or Northwest, the breeze would hit us in the face and we’d all be talking like Bill Cosby at the dentist office in “Himself”.  Our faces would feel most of the chill but it would also penetrate the layers a little bit.  Once we turned the other direction it wasn’t too bad and we would go somewhat back to normal.

We hadn’t gone too far when we hit a herd of elk.  We ended up seeing this herd 4 or 5 times, pretty cool to see so many of these animals out during our run.  During our run we saw a few more herds both above and below us on the foothills.  Total we figured we saw around 300 head. 

This was my first foothill run in quite some time and I was a little worried about how the legs were going to hold up.  They did pretty well.  We had a nice run uphill and took it easy coming down to avoid any injuries from the cold muscles and sketchy footing. 

Few runs are better than those with the Frontrunners in the Boise Foothills during colder weather.  Just an awesome morning.  Amazing how the body can keep warm during temperatures this cold.

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