Feb 17

Well Lance said he was going to and he did it by competing in the Ironman in 2012. 

I woke up on February 12th, 2012 and got on my computer to see how the much anticipated debut of Lance Armstrong in the Ironman was going.  I got there about the same time Lieto and Armstrong were transitioning from the bike to the run. 

I have to admit that I felt kind of bad for Lieto when he was surpassed by Lance during the run, I’ve been a fan of his since the 2009 Boise Ironman.  From the live feed on it sounded like Lance had really found his rhythm during the run.  I have to admit I was really pulling for him as a lot of you were.

The run by Beven Docherty was outstanding in his first Ironman 70.3 in 12 years.  To close that gap Beven finished the run portion of the race in 1hr 12 min and 13sec compared to Armstrong’s 1hr 17min 01sec.

I was amazed how I could be on the edge of my seat while not being able to see any of the race actually going on.  Just the updates from Ironmanlive.  This, if you ask me was a blunder.  Not having this race televised?  Whether Lance wins or not just his presence in the race is going to draw attention.  I’m really hoping that they’ll air the coverage on this event sometime soon.

2009 Boise Ironman finish…

Jan 31

It’s out, the Garmin Forerunner 910XT!!!

I’ve only talked to one person that has actually purchased this beaut but I still can’t wait to get my hands on one.  I asked Trish to give it a try in the open water here in Boise but she wimped out.  Something to do with 30 something degree weather and ice run off.

The most touted features that I’ve heard about regarding the new Garmin all belong to the swim.  The 910XT is water resistant up to 50 meters, tracks swim distance, efficiency, stroke count, and even pool lengths.  I’m excited to see what it tracks for pool lengths.  I usually lose count 12 to 15 times per swim.  The 910 even captures the path you traveled so that you can view it in a map later.  The downside to the 910XT tracking the open water distance more accurately is that on the 310 sometimes my 1000 meter swim will look like a 3400 meter swim.  Now it will be a 1000 meter swim.

The run and bike features look to be basically the same.  You can still easily set up your multisport function and select a checkbox to also include the transitions.  The new 910 boasts a 20 hour battery which is just short of the 21 hours it would take me to complete a full Ironman.

Jan 12

I downloaded this on 1/12/2012 from  Any text in THIS color is mine, not the law.

Bicycle-related I D A H O   C O D E Title 49, Chapter 7

(1) Every person operating a vehicle propelled by human power or riding a bicycle shall have all of the rights and all of the duties applicable to the driver of any other vehicle under the provisions of chapters 6 and 7 of this title, except as otherwise provided in this chapter and except as to those provisions which by their nature can have no application.  Rights AND Duties
(2) Every operator or rider of a bicycle or human-powered vehicle shall exercise due care.

(1) A person propelling a bicycle shall not ride other than upon or astride an attached permanent and regular seat.   No seats that balance or hover on or above the bike.
(2) No bicycle or human-propelled vehicle shall be used to carry more persons at one (1) time than the number for which it is designed and equipped.   This works if you are a farm kid but is obviously frowned upon as an adult.
(3) An adult rider may carry a child securely attached to his person in a backpack or sling or in a child carrier attached to the bicycle.

(1) No person riding upon any bicycle, coaster, roller skates, skateboard, sled or toy vehicle shall attach it or himself to any vehicle upon a highway.   Darwin
(2) The provisions of this section shall not prohibit the attachment of a bicycle trailer or bicycle semitrailer to a bicycle if that trailer or semitrailer has been designed for that attachment.   Darwin X 2
(3) No person riding upon any bicycle or human-powered vehicle shall follow a vehicle so closely as to constitute an immediate hazard to the rider.  This should be ok at speeds over 70mph.  If you can ride at this speed I think you should get a bonus.

(1) Any person operating a bicycle upon a roadway at less than the normal speed of traffic at the time and place and under the conditions then existing shall ride as close as practicable* to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway except under any of the following situations:  Drivers, this is 1 to 2 feet away from the curb.  You then need to give us 3 feet when passing at a minimum.
(a) When overtaking and passing another bicycle or vehicle proceeding in the same direction.  Bikers have the right to pass.
(b) When preparing for a left turn at an intersection or into a private road or driveway.  Sometimes bikers turn left.  This is not Nascar, we turn both directions.
(c) When reasonably necessary to avoid conditions including fixed or moving objects, parked or moving vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, animals, surface hazards or substandard width lanes that make it unsafe to continue along the right-hand curb or edge.  If you don’t get this you are a moron.  Turn in your drivers license.  Have someone else drive you there.
(2) Any person operating a bicycle upon a one-way roadway with two (2) or more marked traffic lanes may ride as near the left-hand curb or edge of the roadway as practicable*.  Yup, they said it, left hand side.  Right in the right lane, left in the left lane.  Fellow bikers, I’ve seen you shit the bed on the whole Left/Left rule. 

Persons riding bicycles upon a highway shall not ride more than two (2) abreast except on paths or parts of highways set aside for the exclusive use of bicycles. Persons riding two (2) abreast shall not impede the normal and reasonable movement of traffic and, on a laned roadway, shall ride within a single lane.  Drivers, we don’t always here you coming.  Bikers, if you’re not going the speed limit get your dumb ass over when a car is approaching you from the rear.

No person operating a bicycle shall carry any package, bundle or article which prevents the operator from using at least one (1) hand in the control and operation of the bicycle.

(1) A person operating a bicycle or human-powered vehicle approaching a stop sign shall slow down and, if required for safety, stop before entering the intersection. After slowing to a reasonable speed or stopping, the person shall yield the right-of-way to any vehicle in the intersection or approaching on another highway so closely as to constitute an immediate hazard  during the time the person is moving across or within the intersection or junction of highways, except that a person after slowing to a reasonable speed and yielding the right-of-way if required, may cautiously make a turn or proceed through
the intersection without stopping.   Bikers can do California stops.  This enables us to get across the intersection faster.
(2) A person operating a bicycle or human-powered vehicle approaching a steady red traffic-control signal shall stop before entering the intersection, except that a person after slowing to a reasonable speed and yielding the right-of-way if required, may cautiously make a right-hand turn without stopping or may cautiously make a left-hand turn onto a one-way highway without stopping.  Diddo
(3) A person riding a bicycle shall comply with the provisions of section 49-643, Idaho Code.   Shit, now I have to go read this.
(4) A signal of intention to turn right or left shall be given during not less than the last one hundred (100) feet traveled by the bicycle before turning, provided that a signal by hand and arm need not be given if the hand is needed in the control or operation of the bicycle. 

(1) A person operating a bicycle upon and along a sidewalk, or across a highway upon and along a crosswalk, shall yield the right-of-way to any pedestrian, and shall give an audible signal before overtaking and passing a pedestrian or another bicyclist. 
(2) A person shall not operate a bicycle along and upon a sidewalk or across a highway upon and along a crosswalk, where the use of bicycles is prohibited by official traffic-control devices.
(3) A person operating a vehicle by human power upon and along a sidewalk, or across a highway upon and along a crosswalk, shall have all the rights and duties applicable to a pedestrian under the same circumstances.   These rules include the Greenbelt.  If you cannot pass a group of people safety on the Greenbelt, don’t pass.  Yes they may be rude of them or they just may not have room.  It’s your responsibility as a bike not to hit them.  If you are training, find a road, that’s why the laws above are there.

(1) Bicycle racing on the highways is prohibited except as authorized in this section.
(2) Bicycle racing on a highway shall not be unlawful when a racing event has been approved by the department or local law enforcement authorities on any highway under their respective jurisdictions. Approval of bicycle highway racing events shall be granted only under conditions which assure reasonable safety for all race participants, spectators and other highway  users, and which prevent unreasonable interference with traffic flow which would seriously inconvenience other highway users.
(3) By agreement with the approving authority, participants in an approved bicycle highway racing event may be exempt from compliance with any traffic laws otherwise applicable, provided that traffic control is adequate to assure the safety of all highway users.

Every bicycle in use at the times described in section 49-903, Idaho Code, shall be operated with a light emitting device visible from a distance of at least five hundred (500) feet to the front, attached to the bicycle or the rider, and with a reflector clearly visible from the rear of the bicycle.   Darwin if you don’t.

A bicycle or its rider may be equipped with lights or reflectors in addition to those required in section 49-723, Idaho Code.

* Practicable per the dictionary means capable of being put into practice or of being done or accomplished; feasible. 

Jan 05

Here is another review done about the Hoka One One Bondi Bs.  Other than the Slippery when wet statement and the narrow toe-box statements everything is this review is right in line with how I feel about the Bondi Bs.  I just haven’t noticed the slippery part and I have narrow feet so I wouldn’t notice the toe-box issue.

Hoka One One Review

Nov 07

2011 Zeitgeist Half Marathon Results

2011 Zeitgeist Half Marathon Photos

Ah Zeitgeist.  This is a race that I’ve been wanting to do for a few years now and it never coincided with my schedule.  Ok, that’s not entirely true.  I showed up for the finish last year to cheer on some friends.  My buddy Shane and I took our dogs to the park to watch the finish.  Shortly after we got there we noticed that we were two 40ish year olds, neat, one with a min pin one with a dachshund and that we looked like a cute couple.  We took some grief for that one from the rest of the BFRs.

Zeitgeist Elevation Chart
Zeitgeist Elevation Map

The night before the run I felt some pain in the lower back and sciatic nerve which had been bothering me for a month or so now.  I had only signed up days before this and was having second thoughts.  I just told myself to run at a comfortable pace and I should be able to hit my 2 hour goal.

The first 3 miles you gain about 600 feet in elevation.  I figured that I’d just run walk the uphill portions and run the downhill and flat sections.  I was surprised that when I reached the top of the first hill I hadn’t taken any walk breaks and had averaged about a 8:40 pace.  This is a really good uphill pace for me. 

First downhill only I didn’t get a bike.

This is where the first downhill began.  I ate a Gu at mile four and by mile 5 I had brought my overall pace down to about an 8:12.  During the downhill I gave back about 400 feet in elevation.  Mile 5 to mile 6.5 you gain around is 185 feet.  6.5 to 7.2ish you give back about 70 feet and this is your last rest time before the last, brutal climb. 

Very first run in my new Hoka One One Stinsons
Hoka One One StinsonI was excited and worried.  Up until now I’d maintained my 8:12ish pace but was headed for the steep hill coming out on Cartwright road “CARTWRIGHT!!!”.  I was just hoping I hadn’t gone out too fast up until this point.  The good thing is this hill is only a mile long, the bad news is you gain about 360 feet in elevation.  My goal here was to keep my average pace around 8:40 when I hit the top of the hill.  I took two walk breaks on the way up making sure that I didn’t burn everything on this last climb.  When I got to the top I took another 30 second walk and then hit the downhill.  My overall pace at this point, 8:30.  I was pretty excited and feeling good.

The next few miles were great.  Miles 8.3 to 11.5 you give back 670 feet of elevation.  Just point yourself downhill and let the legs fly.  Miles 9, 10 and 11 pace 8:18, 7:00 and 6:57 and I was still felling pretty good.  Miles 11 through 13.1 are fairly flat with some rolling hills with one short but steep climb right before the finish.  7:27, 7:34 were my last two miles with a 7:32 for the last .1.  1:45 finish time, 8:02ish average pace.  121st out of 1013 runners and I was chicked 23 times.

Although Shane hates this route more than life itself, I enjoyed Zeitgeist.  Of course it’s easy to like a course when you have a good day.

Aug 04

2011 San Francisco Marathon Results

2011 San Francisco Marathon Photos

2011 San Francisco Marathon Finish Videos

2011 San Francisco 1st Half Marathon Map

2011 San Francisco Marathon StartThe 2011 San Francisco Marathon was a great event.  Starts are staggered in order for the city to allow the runners to run across the Golden Gate Bridge.  This staggered start worked well for me. 

I started towards the front of my wave to avoid those who said they would finish with the same pace but ultimately end up starting off at a 10 min pace.  In the beginning the road was wide and there was little swerving needed to avoid other runners.  My plan worked, mu ha ha ha.

2011 San Francisco Marathon View Leading Up to the BridgeThe first 5 miles are flat with the exception of a short but steep climb around mile 2.5.  After that you hit the hill leading up to the bridge.  Then you have a 191 feet elevation increase from mile 5 to around 5.7 to get to the bridge.  Crossing the bridge you have an elevation gain of about 50 feet to the mid point and then the same decline down the other side.  Once you are across the bridge you have a decent climb to the rest area where you loop through and head back across the bridge.

Ah, I’m done with over 9 miles of my run.  Then POW another climb of around 100 ft over about .6 miles followed by more relief with a 1 mile decline decreasing elevation about 200 feet.

2011 San Francisco Marathon Hill Pre-Run Hill ClimbWhen I looked at the elevation map of the full marathon it made it look like the last part of the 1st Half Marathon was all decline.  bzzzzzzz  Wrong.  You stair step your way up to the finish from about mile 11.25 to the finish gaining about 200 feet of elevation.

The course was nice and had great views, the support was good, and the finish line was good.  Jette had problems getting to her bag.  The truck hers was on was pretty disorganized but you can’t complain too much when there are a bunch of kids that are volunteering.  The other downside to the finish was the Irish Coffee people wrapped up before we could get our wives over to it after they finished.  Something they were looking forward to.

2011 San Francisco Marathon Leading Up to the Bridge

I’m not sure how the “FEED” went in previous years but the one this year was no feed.  I about died when I saw the 3 bites of pasta in my bowl.  Literally I’ve had small salads that filled me up more.  These 3 bites cost $25.  Anything additional you wanted cost additional monies.  Luckily I found some Hostess bite sized doughnuts to help me carb up.  I wonder how our speaker, Tim Borland who ran 63 marathons in 63 days, felt about this “feed”.  During his speech he mentioned eating around 8,000 to 9,000 calories a day during his journey.  I’d guess this “feed” was about 250 calories. 

2011 San Francisco Marathon Packet PickupSo besides the enormous amount of food I got at the pre-race “feed” and the Irish Coffee running out this race turned out great.  I finished with a time of 1:44 which was 262nd out of 6,474 runners.  39th out of 595 males 40 – 49.

All of us finished.  Morten, Jette, my wife Ali and I and we were all pretty pleased with our times.

2011 San Francisco Marathon Expo My Wife

Jul 18

Greenbelt2We met at Glenwood in Boise for our weekly Saturday run.  Our group has a different set of goals for each week so we decided to do a double out and back.  Those wanting a shorter run could stop after the first and those of us trying to get more mileage can head the opposite direction when we get back to the cars.

Morten and I were out for 20 miles this weekend and our wives were hitting 14.  We traveled downstream on the Boise Green Belt to Eagle Road for the first out and back, 10 miles, and then from Glenwood to Shoreline in Boise for the second, 10 more. 

6:30 a.m. was our starting time.  For some reason the last few runs have been really tough for the first 4 miles or so.  Once I hit around 4 I’ve felt better and the rest of the run hasn’t been too bad.  We finished our 20 miles at an 8:43 pace.  The San Francisco Half Marathon is only 2 weeks away followed by the Emmett triathlon on August 13th, the Payette Lake Run on September 4th and the Portland Marathon on October 9th.

Bogus Basin RideSunday morning I met Jeff and Shane at Camels Back Park.  Our plan was to ride up to Bogus Basin Ski Resort and back down.  Round trip of 33.17 miles 15 miles of which has an elevation gain of around 3500 feet.  This is the first time Shane and I tried to take on this hill.  We averaged 8.8 mph on the uphill reaching the top in 1:42 and some change.  I personally thought we were going to average around 6 mph so we were really happy with this ride, especially after a 20 mile run the day before.  We got a shot of us at the top of Bogus Basin and the index finger our the sweet lady that took the photo for us.

Kristen Armstrong BikewayJeff gave us some pointers for climbing the hill that paid off and fixed my clicking gears.  Nice to have a bike nerd on the ride with us to keep us in line. 

We usually do a mountain bike ride on Sundays because the scenery is nicer and we just have more fun on the dirt but I had a real good time on the road bike.  The scenery up the hill was like that of a mountain bike run and we got up into the trees so many of the views were comparable.  Now Shane and I are setting up goals for increasing our speed up this hill.

On our way down the hill we passed by Kristen Armstrong going up the hill.  We got to see her again when she blew by us on the decent.  I never have had a problem with getting chicked since it happens so often and especially when it’s buy an Olympic Gold Medalist.  At least it looked like her, we’re pretty sure it was her.   I’m saying it was her.

Jul 17

Sprint Triathlon Swim A triathlon itself is made up of three continuous endurance events.  The most popular triathlon consists of swim followed by the bike followed by a run.  The goal is to get the best overall time including the time transitioning between the swim/bike and the bike/run.

The Sprint Triathlon consists of a 750 meter swim, 20km bike and a 5km run.  Roughly .47 mile swim, 12.43 mile bike and a 3.1 mile run.

Sprint Triathlon Bike If you’re considering your first Triathlon this is a good one to start off with.  Pick a race where you can where a wetsuit.  The wetsuit helps with buoyancy and will help you out during your first race swim.  Unless you are already a great swimmer then, uh, never mind.  🙂

The bike distance is long enough to challenge you but short enough you can use a less expensive or mountain bike.  After you fall in love with it you can then go buy a road or tri bike.

The run you could walk if you needed to and it would still be possible to finish in the same day 🙂

Try to join up with a training buddy to enter the same race with you and train for the same goal.  This will help you with your motivation level and make the workouts more enjoyable.  My best workouts are those that I do with friends.

CAUTION:  Triathlons are very addicting.  If you don’t know that you have IT bands or hips, you will.   

Sprint Triathlon Run

Jul 10

2011 Boise Spudman Triathlon Results

2011 Boise Spudman Triathlon Photos

This poor event was doomed from the beginning but I think it turned out pretty well. 

2011 Boise Spudman TriathlonFirst of all the swim was moved from Spring Shores to Barclay Bay because of bridge construction.  This move also shortened the length of the bike course.  Not long after that the lengths of all the events were shortened proportionately to the bike.  Personally I thought this was a good move.  It would even things up for those who are stronger in other events.

While dropping off our T2 shtuff the weather was perfect.  Maybe a slight breeze, not too hot, not too cool.  After this we drove up to Barclay Bay to set up T1 and get ready for the swim.  On the way there we noticed the wind was rippin through this small canyon pretty good.  Once we arrived at Barclay Bay, it was confirmed.  Not only was the wind blowing but it was rather chilly.  Many of us put our wet suits on just to stay warm.

2011 Spudman TriathlonAs we neared starting time they announced that the swim was being delayed because of the wind causing the water to be really choppy.  The start time was moved back to 9:15 to 9:30.  Once that time arrived they decided to cancel the swim.  We would only be doing the bike and the run.  We should really come up with a name for a race with two events.  Like Doubleathalon or something Smile

So for our, now duathlon, start they had us line up on the boat ramp in waves.  We had to transition to the bike and start biking.  It went rather smooth and spread out the event well.  Once I crossed the dam and headed towards Boise the wind was a non-factor.  There was almost nothing.  Conveniently, for me, the wind was just bad up at Barclay Bay and almost non-existent everywhere else along the bike and run course.

Boise Spudman Triathlon 2011I ended up with a 1:39:23 for this race consisting of a 20 mile bike ride followed by a 5 mile run.  This race was much shorter than the training bricks I had done the preceding two weeks but it seemed to kick my ass more.  I may have pushed it too hard on the bike because the last 2.5 miles felt a little rough.  Andrew and I 2 weeks earlier did a 37 mile bike / 7 mile run brick where I was able to keep a 7:50 pace on the run.  Here I was a little over 8:00.  Best thin is I can honestly say that no one passed me on the swim.

All in all besides the swim the event went rather smoothly.  They could have used more volunteers at a few intersections where I was a little nervous cars were going to pull out.  Andrew had a nice little run in with someone that did pull out in front of him.  My only issue was the three morons that decided they were going to follow the bike course the entire way and ended up getting in the way at most of the turns for the first 10 miles.  Once they pulled their head out of their ass and left the course it was great.

Thanks YMCA for putting on another great event and thanks to PowerBar, our local company that sponsors many of our events here in Boise.

Jul 06

Here is a link to the Garmin 205 and the Garmin 305 Owner’s Manual.  Great watches.  I’ve heard quite a few people talking about how they couldn’t find their manual.  If you lose yours you can always look it up online.  The miracles of the internet.