Jun 24

Andrew and I headed up to Barclay Bay in Boise last night to meet up with Ryan and Todd for an open water swim. We got out of the office a little late but headed up to meet the other two anyway. When we got there the road across the dam was closed. We decided that rather than going to Spring Shores we’d head over to Veteran’s Memorial Park in the Boise Cascade Lake. Spring Shores was a closer destination but I’ve never been swimming there and wasn’t sure where the best route was to avoid the boats.

On the way back to Veteran’s we hit traffic due to a one car rollover on the freeway. We turned around as soon as there was a crossing through the median and headed down Gowen Road. We hit the office again to pick up Andrew’s rig that he’d left there since Veteran’s was on the way home for both of us.

We finally arrived at around 6:40 p.m. to start our swim. First Danger, wife is at home with 2 kids ages 3 and 7 months and I’m not getting started until 6:40 let alone getting home.

We started our first lap around the lake and made our first turn towards the dock. I was feeling pretty good and noticed that I was in front of Andrew who is a faster swimmer than I am. Then I found out why.

Danger number 2: one of the fisherman, if you can call him that with his forked stick, lawn chair and cooler, had his line out a little further than normal caught a 163 pound Andrew. Luckily it was just the line and not the hook that got Andrew. Both parties were civil about the encounter and after a few minutes Andrew was out of the line and passed me up.

I have yet to see anyone catch anything out of this lake/pond except for today when Andrew was snagged. However, it must be a great spot because the poles and coolers were lined up on the banks.

So, our new route is swim from the side to the middle, swim to the dock, swim back and then across to the start. This will enable us to stay as far away from the shore as possible. Now let’s just hope we never get a cramp 🙂

May 24

It’s getting close to Boise Ironman, June 12, 2010. Need to start getting into Triathlon start training.

Apr 14

It’s been really rough for me to get into the pool.  I love being outdoors this time of the year the weather is perfect for training.  Not too hot, not too cold and other than the rain showers and the windy days the temp is just right for me.

Tonight I caved in and hit the pool again.  First time in about two and a half weeks.  It wasn’t an easy decision.  I walked outside right before I left for the gym and there wasn’t even a sign of a breeze.  It was about 57 degrees out and it took all I could muster not to go lace up and go for a run instead.

I hit the pool and noticed a bunch of teenagers in the hot tub.  Another lady joined me in swimming laps and it wasn’t long after that the kids started cannon balling into the pool.  At first I was really annoyed and then I just started to laugh.  If I can’t handle this there is no way I should be doing triathlons.  So you got a little bashing from a wave every now and then.  It’s nothing compared to the start of the swim in a triathlon.

So the nice lady next to me and I both just chuckled and she commented, “just kids”.  So this was a good reminder for me that if someone  is in the pool and really annoying me with their frolicking and splashing around just consider it a great training opportunity.  Today I fought vigorous waves.

There is still no excuse for the 30+ year old couple making out in the pool at the gym.  I still haven’t figured that one out and I’ve seen it about 4 or 5 times now.  Just not tonight.  Tonight was cannon balling teenagers.

Jan 23

I’m at work today planning on doing a 30 lap swim at Idaho Athletic after I get off.  Then out of nowhere the lack of motivation bug hits me.  I really don’t want to stop at the gym on the way home but one rule that I’ve learned, when you don’t feel like working out do it anyway for 10 minutes.  If at that time you still don’t feel like working out go ahead and call it a day.

DSC_0302 Andrew came in my office today right before he was leaving work to talk a little about our training.  We are both training for the Boise Half Ironman and it was swim night for both of us.  He was heading to Gold’s Gym to do laps for a mile.  I got out a little late but thought I would check out the gym at Gold’s instead of Idaho Athletic Club where I usually go since I knew he was going to be there.

I got there at about the time Andrew had finished his 20th lap.  The first 5 laps felt grueling, the second 5 a little better and by the time I hit 15 I was actually feeling really good.  As you can see, I hit 10 minutes and kept going.

I’m just a beginner but I’ve never liked to do swim training in the pool.  Down, stop, turn around, up, stop, turn around and etc.  I just get bored.  I love swimming in the open water but the pool has never really been my cup of tea.  Tonight that may have changed.

I hit my 30th lap which was the length I set out to do tonight which is all I can take in the pool before I fall asleep and risk drowning.  I was actually having a good time so I decided to swim a few more.  I ended up with 50 laps.  This was the first time in the pool that I got into a rhythm the felt this good.  My form got more relaxed and I was using less effort yet my pace had increased.  A swim sessions like is very good for overall motivation.

Tomorrow we hit the trails for a 14 mile run followed by a 40 mile bike ride on Sunday.  Here I’m using another form of motivation.  Tell a bunch of people that your doing a 14 mile run and a 40 mile bike ride over the weekend.  If you don’t do it people will just think you are full of sh…….