Feb 26

We set out for 12 miles this morning for our weekly 7 a.m. run.  Our plan was to run from Fort Boise to TableRock, down and to the end of the pavement up Rocky Canyon, back up to TableRock and back to Fort Boise.  We were planning on staying on the pavement because the trails have been pretty wet.  We decided it was cold enough that the trails should be frozen.  We were right and afterwards we were frozen. 

Run 3-6-2010 Route Map:  We changed our plan and headed up Shane’s, over to Rocky Canyon, up TableRock and back down to Fort Boise. 

Heading out I felt pretty good through 3 miles and then the hill took my legs out.  I’ve been doing more biking and some weight training.  I can tell the legs are getting stronger and I’ve been running faster on the flats.  However, the hills seem to burn me up pretty quick.  I’m pretty sure it’s the fatigue from the weight training and I’m pretty confident that in a few more weeks I’ll be used to it, at least that is my hope.  I felt good the last few miles coming down though and hit a couple miles at around a 7 minute mile pace.  I looked down a couple times at the Garmin and saw a 6:20 pace which is extremely good for me.  All of this to train again for the Ogden Marathon in May.

The morning was great.  Sun came up early, blue skies and lots of runners out.  It’s always awesome to see so many people out running.  It was, however, really cold. said 14 feels like 2 and I believe that they were right.  I have a pair of gloves that usually make my hands sweat.  Today the left hand was warm the entire run but I think taking my right hand out to open a GU did me in.  The right hand never did warm back up and got really cold.  By the end of the run I was like “Oh, owe”.  The best part of the run was around mile 4 when we stopped at the top of the hill and looked back on the city.  The sun was just coming up over the mountains and it looked pretty sweet shining through the middle of Boise.

Loved the run, loved the guys and gal running with me but should have left the glove on and ordered the ThermaJock.

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