Jun 09

boise-ironman-swim There are just 3 short days until Boise Ironman 2010 and I’m getting pretty anxious.  We had a great swim last night at Boise Cascade Lake, Veteran’s Memorial, getting in one of our last open water swims before Boise Ironman 70.3.

The swim is 1.2 miles up at Barclay Bay in Lucky Peak Reservoir.  Here is the map for the swim.  Won’t tell you much, it’s just a rectangle :).  Swim Map  The water as of Sunday was still pretty cold at around 54 degrees but after the ache in my feet went away it was still a pretty comfortable swim.  I’m looking forward to heading up today or tomorrow to see the race being set up.

Magali Tisseyre Boise Ironman Winner 2009 The bike is 56 miles in the SE Boise area.  It comes off of the dam, and heads West for an out and back.  The only real hill is on Pleasant Valley Road which is a little grind but the rest of the race is fairly flat.  Bike Map  Let’s just hope for low wind.  I’ve read two reports, one says 24 mph and says 12 mph.  I’m hoping rules.

The run is right downtown Boise that goes from Boise Downtown to the greenbelt.  It is a 6.55 mile loop that we’ll run twice.  There are plenty of trees and buildings that I hope will give us shade and block the wind if it is 24 mph.  Run Map

I haven’t been able to find much information on road closures.  I’ve been trying to warn my boating and fishing buddies about the race starting at the Reservoir.  The news stations haven’t been doing to good of a job on warning the public about the race.  They’ve been too busy trying to make the fact that BSU isn’t moving to another conference dramatic.  We’re only getting some of the best athletes in the world here in Boise, why would you promote that?

boise-ironman-finish-2009 I did check the participants list and we have our 1st and 2nd place finishers from last year returning.  Craig Alexander and Chris Lieto gave us a dramatic finish last year.  Still no sign of Magali Tisseyre or Linsey Corbin on the list who finished first and second for the women last year.

Participant List Boise Ironman 2010.

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