Aug 02

Three of us met up at Barber Park on a quest to knock out 20 miles.  Brent, Ryan and I set out going Southeasterly towards Lucky peak.  I was really hoping that Shane would be joining us this morning since I knew we both took about the same pace on these long runs.  Brent and Ryan I figured would kill me if I tried to keep up.

crazy-homeless-manHeading towards Lucky Peak it was a great morning and we were commenting on how the 6 a.m. start time was perfect.  The run was going nicely and very peaceful until about mile  4.5 where we met some lunatic, I think it was Brent’s dad.  He was shouting out something about limp wristed gestures, I figured he had to be talking to Ryan and Brent, soldiers, killing babies and something about our mothers that I shouldn’t repeat.  As I caught back up to Brent and Ryan we all had a little chuckle and tried to piece together wtf this guy was saying.  This pic was pretty close to our buddy.

At the dam we did the small loop and headed back towards Barber Park where we were lucky enough to see our nut job at one of the shelters brushing his tooth.  Again the expletives flew.  Poor guy, I think he was an extra in the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

I was doing well and keeping up with Brent and Ryan until about mile 15.  They decided that hanging back with me was over rated and picked up the pace a bit.  I started a run walk around mile 16 and stopped by the Warm Springs Golf Course to fill my water bottles. 

The great thing about this run was the last part is through the nicest section of the Green Belt.  It has and animal refuge and foot traffic only on dirt trails.  Of course you get the one guy on the bike who ignores the sign.  Felt sorry for the guy though.  The older gentlemen held nothing back and I saw him get chewed out pretty good by 4 of them that happened to be out for their Saturday morning walk.  Cracked me up.

I made it back to the bridge at about mile 19.3 and saw Brent crossing the road back to our cars.  I asked if they had finished the 20 or just called it at 19.3.  I was depressed to find out that they had finished the 20 and proceeded to head up Eckert Road for .35 miles to loop back and finish my 20.

Another long run down on the quest to conquer The Top of Utah.  Route

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  1. Mark Says:

    Glad I missed it! However, I seriously worry about my 5AM runs on the greenbelt in the dark…

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