May 14

The first ride started out pretty tough for me.  Shane, Dan and Syd are just a yappin away as we are going up the beginning of the trail and I can’t breathe.  Once I got to Kestral Hill I was slow but at least my body adapted and I could breathe again.

bobs trail boise foothills We headed over to Hulls Gulch, up Trail 1 and down Bob’s trail.  Bob’s is one of our favorites.  Plenty of rocks and opportunity for endows and injury.  I’m proud to say I only flew over the handle bars once on this, the first ride of the season for me.  Sad thing is I clean the difficult section of rocks and then endow on an easy part.  Leave it to Pablo.

Spring time is a great time to run or ride in the Boise Foothills.  They are streaming with runners and bikers.  Looks like a giant ant hill.  Everyone was really polite to each other when passing in opposite directions.  Take driving on the roads, this is exactly the opposite, anti road rage.

If you are new to the Boise Foothills or maybe from out of town, here is an interactive map of the trails.  Here you can also find trail etiquette, rules about which trails dogs are allowed on and motorized and non-motorized trails.

Boise Foothills Maps

Next weekend, Ogden Marathon.

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