Jan 23

I’m at work today planning on doing a 30 lap swim at Idaho Athletic after I get off.  Then out of nowhere the lack of motivation bug hits me.  I really don’t want to stop at the gym on the way home but one rule that I’ve learned, when you don’t feel like working out do it anyway for 10 minutes.  If at that time you still don’t feel like working out go ahead and call it a day.

DSC_0302 Andrew came in my office today right before he was leaving work to talk a little about our training.  We are both training for the Boise Half Ironman and it was swim night for both of us.  He was heading to Gold’s Gym to do laps for a mile.  I got out a little late but thought I would check out the gym at Gold’s instead of Idaho Athletic Club where I usually go since I knew he was going to be there.

I got there at about the time Andrew had finished his 20th lap.  The first 5 laps felt grueling, the second 5 a little better and by the time I hit 15 I was actually feeling really good.  As you can see, I hit 10 minutes and kept going.

I’m just a beginner but I’ve never liked to do swim training in the pool.  Down, stop, turn around, up, stop, turn around and etc.  I just get bored.  I love swimming in the open water but the pool has never really been my cup of tea.  Tonight that may have changed.

I hit my 30th lap which was the length I set out to do tonight which is all I can take in the pool before I fall asleep and risk drowning.  I was actually having a good time so I decided to swim a few more.  I ended up with 50 laps.  This was the first time in the pool that I got into a rhythm the felt this good.  My form got more relaxed and I was using less effort yet my pace had increased.  A swim sessions like is very good for overall motivation.

Tomorrow we hit the trails for a 14 mile run followed by a 40 mile bike ride on Sunday.  Here I’m using another form of motivation.  Tell a bunch of people that your doing a 14 mile run and a 40 mile bike ride over the weekend.  If you don’t do it people will just think you are full of sh…….

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