We are a group of friends that started out running together and entering a few events.  Since we run in the Boise foothills also referred to as the Boise Front, we call ourselves the Boise Front Runners.  It wasn’t until just before the Biz Johnson Marathon, that we discovered that “Front Runners” is actually a international running club.

We were getting ready for the starting gun when two guys came up to us and noticed our shirts.  One runner said he didn’t realize that their was a Boise branch.  We explained to them about the Boise Front and how we ran in the foothills.  They kind of smirked at each other and then explained to us about the International Front Runners which is a gay and lesbian running club.  One of these gentlemen was from the New York branch and the other was from the San Francisco branch.  Another guy heard us talking and announced that he was from the London branch.

Now no one in our running group is gay, at least that I know of, but we are gay friendly and I think a couple of the guys have some tendencies.  We still go by BFRs and have a pretty good story to go along with our name.  We frequently train with the Boise Sloths in and around Boise.  Some of us have done Triathlons, Half Ironmans and/or Ironmans and nothing beats the training sessions on the weekends that we do as a group.  One of our favorite runs is the Race to Robie Creek held in Boise which was deamed “Bragging Rights” by Runners World Magazine.

We are a tight knit group of friends that is, as Shane so eloquently states,  “Striving for higher levels of mediocrity.”