May 09

Hoka Bondi B

So far I’ve logged 78 miles in my Hokas and I’m still impressed by them.  I went for a 20 mile run Saturday and was on my feet the rest of the day after that for my son’s 4th birthday party.  I’ve had little to no knee pain after my runs since buying this shoe. 

My wife has mentioned after both of my long runs that I seemed to have more energy after these two runs than I usually do after 20+ milers.  I’ve mentioned before that they tend to give you a little sticker shock at $170, however, if they can give me a few more good years of running they’ll be worth it to me.

The Ogden Marathon is in 2 weeks.  My previous best is a 3:41.  As usual my goals are in this order.

  • Finish the race
  • Finish below the 4 hour mark
  • Run a PR which, for this run, my goal is 3:40

After the marathon we’ll be getting back into the Boise Foothills.  I plan on getting me a pair of the Hoka Mafates.  I went down to Bandana Running in Boise last week and held both the Bondi B and the Mafate.  The tread on the Matate seems to be more durable and the shoe seems a little heavier.  I’ll need the more durable tread for the foothills considering the Bondi Bs tread is very soft and wears pretty quickly.  I don’t see this as a big issue for the Bondi B considering you have over an inch of sole and don’t really need a lot of tread on the roads.

4 Responses to “78 miles in my Hoka One One Bondi Bs”

  1. SwimBikeRun Says:

    Ran the Ogden Marathon in 3:44. I’m pretty pleased with this time. Love the Bondi Bs.

  2. justus Says:

    Hows the tread life of your Bondi Bs? I have around 60 miles on a pair, half road / half trail and am a little concerned about the tread wear. I love the shoe, but the price is a big downer to me. I can justify it if I can get 500 miles out of them, but less than that will be a stretch for me.

  3. SwimBikeRun Says:

    The tread pattern seems to wear pretty quickly but if you’re using them mainly for the road the actual pattern shouldn’t matter. I have about 250 miles or so on mine now. I’ll upload a photo of the tread tonight and try and get you the exact mileage that I have on them. I haven’t been too worried about the tread considering I don’t lose traction on the roads and I have about 3/4 inch of sole to go through. I hope to run them to at least 500 miles.

    The Mafate has a more solid plastic on the sole and a little more aggressive tread. I would think, just by looking at them, that tread would wear better on the trails. I haven’t bought the Mafate yet, also because of the price, but I have taken a look at them at a local running store here in Boise. They are the shoe I plan on buying next. However, the trails in the Boise Foothills haven’t seemed to tear the soles up any more than the roads and we run the trails every other week.

    Keep me posted on the wear you are noticing.



  4. SwimBikeRun Says:

    I’ll have to post the pic of my tread after I ran around 500 miles. I didn’t notice the shoe breaking down until I got my new pair and then I could really tell the difference. My local run store says he’s heard people say they broke down pretty quick. The tread wear was ok for me. I do the run walk and tend to click my heels when I walk, Bow legged 🙂 , so the wear on the outside of the heels was the only part that broke down for me.

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