Apr 26

Hoka Bondi B

My 22 mile run Saturday just confirmed what I said before about this shoe.  Right now it is the shoe of choice for me taking over the Nike Vomero.

After 22 miles of running I felt no pain in my knees and very little in my feet.  I am very bow legged and very very flat footed so these are just pains that I have dealt with since I started distance running 5 years ago.  I love this shoe and will continue running in them.  I’ll write updates if I run into any issues with them.

These shoes look like they sit higher than they actually do.  If you look at the yellow line on the men’s Hoka One One Bondi Bs, that is approximately where your foot will be sitting in this shoe.

Most noticeable benefits:

  • Lots of cushion and shock absorption.
  • Great for downhill running especially if you heal strike.
  • Less time to recover since I don’t feel as beat up after the long runs.
  • Wide base to help with footing on uneven surfaces.
  • I ran over pretty decent sized pebbles and didn’t even feel them.


  • May be a little warm.  The material the upper is made from doesn’t allow for much air flow.
  • Tread is soft and may wear out faster than other shoes.  However, the actual shoe is rated at 500 to 600 miles so for road runs this won’t affect you too much.  I looked at the Hoka One One Mafate and it looks like it has a more durable surface for trail running.
  • Runs 1/2 size small.  I wear a 10.5 in most shoes and had to move up to an 11.  Really not a downside but you may want to check the exchange policy, this is a review of where I bought mine, if your order online or try the shoes on before you purchase.
  • Not available in a lot of stores yet.

8 Responses to “22 Mile Run Hoka One One Bondi B Review”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hello, I like your review. I too have very flat feet and most shoes either can’t fit my orthotics or have a hard arch that doesn’t feel good as I run. So if my orthotic doesn’t rest flat then it feels like I have a role of dimes under my foot or on the side of the arch.

    Do you have similar issues and thus the Hoka still felt good?

  2. SwimBikeRun Says:

    I haven’t worn my orthotics with them yet and still haven’t had any trouble. I plan on trying them after the Ogden Marathon next week. I just didn’t want to introduce them into my training until after my race. They have decent support in them even though they are cushioned.

    Every now and then I wear them to kick around in and I feel like my foot is actually supinating on my left foot but when I run I don’t notice it. My right foot is quite a bit flatter and I haven’t had any issues. My wet footprint is actually bowed out on my right arch.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I have the Bondi Bs and absolutely love them. I find them just as fast as any lightweight trainer. I sized up a full size and it was a perfect fit. My orthotic sits perfectly in it. I felt recovered 2 days after a very hard half ironman which is the fastest recovery I have ever had from a half iron (raced around 30 of them over the last 7 or so year). I can run the same paces I do in a minimal light weight shoe. I can’t believe how light they are.

  4. SwimBikeRun Says:

    I feel the same way. My recovery has been much faster it seems. The knees don’t take the beating during my long runs. Gotta love that.

  5. Rob Says:

    I wonder if it’s the Grey Bondi B that is sized funny or for larger sizes it’s off? I ask because I have the White/Citrus Bondi B in Men’s 8.5 (yeah I have small feet) and it feels like it’s sized right. No issues… Weird! I’ve got a pair of Grey’s waiting at home that I haven’t tried on yet so I’ll be able to compare.

  6. SwimBikeRun Says:

    I’d love to know when you find out. I’m going to be buying the Maffetts here pretty quick. Love my Bondis. No leg issues, seems like my recovery time is faster. Maybe it’s in my head but I’m all about the placebo affect if it works.

  7. k7 Says:

    I ran 21 with these shoes right out of the box — no pain in the joints and my legs felt surprising fresh in the last 4 miles. Prior to these shoes I’ve always used Vomeros for my long runs, too. These are WAY better at reducing shock and are lighter than my Vomeros. I’ve also run my last few tempo and interval workouts and find that I can increase my stride because I’m less fearful of too much shock on each landing — the result is I can maintain a faster interval speed for the duration of the interval. Note that the Bondi Bs come in three colors — two of which (white/yellow and black/orange) have a breathable fabric on top, while one (the gray color) has some weather resistant fabric, which I believe is more water resistant, but less breathable.

  8. SwimBikeRun Says:

    Thanks for the info on the different fabrics. That was one thing I noticed about the Bondi Bs that I have. They sometimes got a little warm on the hotter days. I’ve been using them for all of my runs since I bought my first pair.

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