Jul 10

2011 Boise Spudman Triathlon Results

2011 Boise Spudman Triathlon Photos

This poor event was doomed from the beginning but I think it turned out pretty well. 

2011 Boise Spudman TriathlonFirst of all the swim was moved from Spring Shores to Barclay Bay because of bridge construction.  This move also shortened the length of the bike course.  Not long after that the lengths of all the events were shortened proportionately to the bike.  Personally I thought this was a good move.  It would even things up for those who are stronger in other events.

While dropping off our T2 shtuff the weather was perfect.  Maybe a slight breeze, not too hot, not too cool.  After this we drove up to Barclay Bay to set up T1 and get ready for the swim.  On the way there we noticed the wind was rippin through this small canyon pretty good.  Once we arrived at Barclay Bay, it was confirmed.  Not only was the wind blowing but it was rather chilly.  Many of us put our wet suits on just to stay warm.

2011 Spudman TriathlonAs we neared starting time they announced that the swim was being delayed because of the wind causing the water to be really choppy.  The start time was moved back to 9:15 to 9:30.  Once that time arrived they decided to cancel the swim.  We would only be doing the bike and the run.  We should really come up with a name for a race with two events.  Like Doubleathalon or something Smile

So for our, now duathlon, start they had us line up on the boat ramp in waves.  We had to transition to the bike and start biking.  It went rather smooth and spread out the event well.  Once I crossed the dam and headed towards Boise the wind was a non-factor.  There was almost nothing.  Conveniently, for me, the wind was just bad up at Barclay Bay and almost non-existent everywhere else along the bike and run course.

Boise Spudman Triathlon 2011I ended up with a 1:39:23 for this race consisting of a 20 mile bike ride followed by a 5 mile run.  This race was much shorter than the training bricks I had done the preceding two weeks but it seemed to kick my ass more.  I may have pushed it too hard on the bike because the last 2.5 miles felt a little rough.  Andrew and I 2 weeks earlier did a 37 mile bike / 7 mile run brick where I was able to keep a 7:50 pace on the run.  Here I was a little over 8:00.  Best thin is I can honestly say that no one passed me on the swim.

All in all besides the swim the event went rather smoothly.  They could have used more volunteers at a few intersections where I was a little nervous cars were going to pull out.  Andrew had a nice little run in with someone that did pull out in front of him.  My only issue was the three morons that decided they were going to follow the bike course the entire way and ended up getting in the way at most of the turns for the first 10 miles.  Once they pulled their head out of their ass and left the course it was great.

Thanks YMCA for putting on another great event and thanks to PowerBar, our local company that sponsors many of our events here in Boise.

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