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2011 San Francisco Marathon StartThe 2011 San Francisco Marathon was a great event.  Starts are staggered in order for the city to allow the runners to run across the Golden Gate Bridge.  This staggered start worked well for me. 

I started towards the front of my wave to avoid those who said they would finish with the same pace but ultimately end up starting off at a 10 min pace.  In the beginning the road was wide and there was little swerving needed to avoid other runners.  My plan worked, mu ha ha ha.

2011 San Francisco Marathon View Leading Up to the BridgeThe first 5 miles are flat with the exception of a short but steep climb around mile 2.5.  After that you hit the hill leading up to the bridge.  Then you have a 191 feet elevation increase from mile 5 to around 5.7 to get to the bridge.  Crossing the bridge you have an elevation gain of about 50 feet to the mid point and then the same decline down the other side.  Once you are across the bridge you have a decent climb to the rest area where you loop through and head back across the bridge.

Ah, I’m done with over 9 miles of my run.  Then POW another climb of around 100 ft over about .6 miles followed by more relief with a 1 mile decline decreasing elevation about 200 feet.

2011 San Francisco Marathon Hill Pre-Run Hill ClimbWhen I looked at the elevation map of the full marathon it made it look like the last part of the 1st Half Marathon was all decline.  bzzzzzzz  Wrong.  You stair step your way up to the finish from about mile 11.25 to the finish gaining about 200 feet of elevation.

The course was nice and had great views, the support was good, and the finish line was good.  Jette had problems getting to her bag.  The truck hers was on was pretty disorganized but you can’t complain too much when there are a bunch of kids that are volunteering.  The other downside to the finish was the Irish Coffee people wrapped up before we could get our wives over to it after they finished.  Something they were looking forward to.

2011 San Francisco Marathon Leading Up to the Bridge

I’m not sure how the “FEED” went in previous years but the one this year was no feed.  I about died when I saw the 3 bites of pasta in my bowl.  Literally I’ve had small salads that filled me up more.  These 3 bites cost $25.  Anything additional you wanted cost additional monies.  Luckily I found some Hostess bite sized doughnuts to help me carb up.  I wonder how our speaker, Tim Borland who ran 63 marathons in 63 days, felt about this “feed”.  During his speech he mentioned eating around 8,000 to 9,000 calories a day during his journey.  I’d guess this “feed” was about 250 calories. 

2011 San Francisco Marathon Packet PickupSo besides the enormous amount of food I got at the pre-race “feed” and the Irish Coffee running out this race turned out great.  I finished with a time of 1:44 which was 262nd out of 6,474 runners.  39th out of 595 males 40 – 49.

All of us finished.  Morten, Jette, my wife Ali and I and we were all pretty pleased with our times.

2011 San Francisco Marathon Expo My Wife

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