May 25

This is it, this is the next race that I am signed up so far unless I attempt the Boise Half Ironman or the Boise Spudman Triathlon.

  My friends Morten and Jette, my wife and I are running the first half of The San Francisco Marathon.  This will be the first at this distance for my friends who have been training for about 4 or 5 months now and doing very well.  They’ll be using the run walk run method during the race. 

200808 SF Marathon 070I used the run walk during my full marathon but I’m still not sure if I’ll use it for the half or run it straight through.  I ran The Ogden Half Marathon in 2010 straight through and finished in 1hr and 38mins.  I won’t be able to hit that pace with a run walk.  I ran Ogden last week doing the run walk in 3:44.  My best marathon, again using the run walk, is 3:41.  I did this at Logan during The Top of Utah Marathon.  For marathon distances I run for 4 minutes and walk for 1 minute and do this right from the start.  Start too late and your not going to get the benefits of the run walk.  The theory is to let your legs recover more often allowing your run to be at a faster pace throughout the entire race.  You can read more about it from the founder of this method, Jeff Galloway.

san_francisco_marathonThe training I’ve been doing for these races consists of a 4 mile interval run on Tuesdays, 4 mile tempo run on Thursdays and a long run on Saturday mornings.  Since I just ran the marathon and don’t have any races over 13.1 miles coming up in the near future my long runs will be around 12 to 14 miles.  Morten has been increasing his mileage by one mile on his long runs every other week.  This has been working out great for him and he finished 12 miles this weekend at an overall pace of 8:15 using the run walk. 

The San Francisco Marathon has two half marathons.  You can sign up to run the first half of the marathon or the back half.  We chose the first half because Morten and Jette did.  They chose the first half because you get to cross The Golden Gate Bridge twice, over and back.  If you want to do the first half you’d better sign up fast.  We all received an alert yesterday saying the front half it almost full.

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