Apr 19

Vibram5Fingers Two of our boys finished the race, one with a PR at 1:59:15 in his monkey shoes.  Kerry insists he can run faster and eat more bananas when he wears these shoes, Vibrams.  John, in his normal shoes, ran a 1:54:55.  Alyssa, who is a trader and went to the Slothes, finished in 2:19:14.  Way to represent brothers!  And ex-sister in-law.  This years race must have been a lot easier since my PR on Robie is 2:00:21.

Finishing the race first were two Boise runners, Kameron Ulmer for the men and Maike Hothuijzen for the women.  This was the first time these two have placed first at Robie.  Ulmer finished the race with a 1:18:25 which means he is finished before I reach the top of Aldape Summit which is around mile 8.5.  Hothuijzen finished in 1:27:59 which still may have beaten my time to the summit.  Man, I’d better pick it up.  I’m 40, just coming into my prime.

This race is always a big deal in Boise and the surrounding areas and also brings in a lot of athletes, and others, from out of state.  This year the race sold out in under 20 minutes.  The rumor I heard was 12 minutes which has been verified by the grapevine.

Moses Kinikini Moses and Kaylee Kinikini, from the biggest loser ran the race this year.  I saw Moses at the back of the pack.  Not that he was a slower runner than everyone but he was awesome at stopping and shaking hands with the crowd.  Love these two.  Don’t know them, but I love em.  I even managed to get a shot of Moses when a youngster gave him a sword for this years pirate theme of “Plunderin’ for Booty”.

I really miss not running this race this year but I’m saving it for the Ogden Marathon in May.  Congrats all you Robie finishers!!

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