May 22

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These are just few of my pics from the Ogden Marathon start.  Just waiting in a cow pasture until around the fires near the porta potties for the race to start.  Every year before this one has been freezing.  This year  was still a little chilly unless you were dressed for it.  We were all dressed for it.  🙂


It had been raining for a couple of days before the race.  It was nice this morning but the ground was still really wet.  So, we all put on our designer booties.



You do Ogden enough times you remember two things.  Dress warm while you wait and bring something to sit on.



This is just a sample of the scenery that you’ll see during the Ogden Marathon.


IMG_9573  IMG_9581

Just taking in all of the marathon experience.                   Pedicure shot.




I’m not sure if these two are running or if the 3,000 of us just stumbled upon their campsite.




IMG_9595  IMG_9584

Our “Say Queso!” shots.  You can see the hills in the background that are the backdrop view for most of the race.  You can also see either a lot of the runners taking bong hits or standing around camp fires.  I’ll let you decide for your viewing pleasure.

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