Jun 13


This year I was on the edge about whether or not to sign up for the 2011 Boise Ironman 70.3.  I ended up not signing up after the brutal beating I took from the wind last year.  Big mistake.

The weather was perfect for the race this year.  Very little wind, mild temperatures, however, the swim was cold.  Estimated water temperature was 62 degrees.  I’d be surprised if it made it over 55.  This didn’t seem to bother the racers too much as they posted some great times.  I was there to watch our Boise locals most of whom where our very own BFRs.

BFRs and Friends of BFRs

  • Ryan Lund
  • Trina Lund
  • Ryan Vestal
  • Andrew Parish
  • Eric Rawlings
  • Amber Kirtley-Perez
  • Tegan Brown

Boise’s own Trish Deim finished 2nd in her division with a time of 4:47:58.

Women’s top finishers

    1. Maqali Tisseyre     4:18:28
    2. Heather Wurtele    4:20:41
    3. Rachel McBride      4:22:14
    4. Heather Jackson    4:26:06
    5. Michelle Wu           4:26:54

Men’s top finishers

    1. Ben Hoffman                    3:52:41
    2. Nicholas Thompson        3:54:48
    3. Jeff Symonds                    3:55:26
    4. Paul Ambrose                  3:57:50
    5. Jesse Thomas                  3:59:06

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