Apr 21

Well she beat me again.  I had the goal of 2 hours and I finished in 2:00:21. 

This year the race sold out in 13 minutes.  Getting through registration can be a little rough, however, not as rough as beating Robie.

Robie Creek is a 2100 foot climb over 8.5 miles and then a 4.6 mile drop down through Rocky Canyon in Boise, Idaho and over Alape Summit to Robie Creek.  The temperature was about 75 degrees and the canyon is warmer.  This isn’t too warm unless you take into account we have been training in 30 and 40 degree weather.

Patrick McCurry took first place overall with a time of 1:21:26.  At this time I was “almost” to the summit.  That would be mile 8.5.  Our first lady finished in 1:31:40.  Kelsey Jones from Denver Colorado.

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The race starts with a loop around Forte Boise park and turns East up Shaw Mountain Road.  This is a paved road that, starting at mile 1 climbs 274 feet to mile two.  You get about a quarter mile break, after that your next break is at mile 8.5.

Around mile 3 you hit the dirt road.  The rest of the race continues on the dirt road until the finish line at Robie Creek.  Around mile 8.4 you hit Temptation Point.  Here you have some uniquely dressed individuals passing out cigars, vodka and other alcoholic favorites.  Trying to beat the goal of 2 hours, I skipped this “aid” station.

The last 4.6 miles is a decline of around 1700 feet.  Close to 4 miles is very steep and then you hit a break and it mellows out for your last mile to the finish. 

This race has great support.  I didn’t see any gels or Gatorade but about every mile uphill had an aid station with fruit and water and about every other mile on the downhill.  Plenty of volunteers did an excellent job of making sure that anyone that needed or wanted water had it.

Robie Creek after party At the finish line there is plenty of food, PowerAde, Muscle Milk and water for all of the runners and spectators alike.  To be a spectator at the end of the race you must have a ticket for the buses that will take you to the finish line.

It was an excellent day for a race and a great time, as usual for The Race to Robie Creek.  I still have a date with her next year to try and beat the 2 hour mark. 

Next race, the Ogden Half Marathon.

Here is a photo of my favorite team uniforms at this years race.

Robie Creek Ladies

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  1. Shortcut Says:

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the pics and the writeup. I missed the run a little, but I missed hanging out with the group a lot. It was great to see everyone. If you want you can run another 2:00:21 next year and try again with me in 2012. The way you guys are all running you will all go under 2:00 and retire before I get back.

    I’ve finally got the bug again and am back up to 9 miles, I’ll break 10 next week. I’m in a running group that runs on the battlefield near our house (great trails & scenery). It’s sponsored by a local running store and it’s a little different vib. Not nearly as social as the BFR’s. They’ve talked me into joining them for some speed workouts on the track. Speed, Trever, now that’s an oxymoron.

    In case you are ever looking for a route in Virginia I saved my route on your maps page.

    Good luck in Ogden,

  2. Paul Says:

    Thanks man. Glad things are going well. Shane was telling me you hooked up with a running group over there. There is no group that hooks up like the BFRs though :).

    I was a little bummed about missing it by 22 seconds at Robie. I will, however, survive. I just tell myself it was 4 minutes faster than any other time that I’ve run it.

    This next week I will take a shortcut in a tribute to our Virginian FR.

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