May 22

This year as always the Ogden Marathon was great.  Great weather, great support, great turn out and a great course.

Ogden Marathon Course Pic 4 I’ve run the Bizz Johnson Marathon, Portland Marathon, Ogden Marathon twice and the Salmon Marathon.  I still believe that Ogden is my favorite.

This year I ran the Half Marathon since I have the Boise Ironman coming up next month.  I didn’t think I’d be able to recover from the full marathon before the Ironman on June 12th. 

2010 Ogden Marathon Finish The course is beautiful.  All of the run is done on asphalt roads except for a small greenbelt section that is also asphalt.  There is a small hill around mile 14 but other than that the course is mostly a slight decline.  The half marathon runs along the same course as the full starting at mile 13.1.  For the half you hit this hill pretty quick.  Around mile 18 or 19 you get a few steeper downhill sections through the canyon but nothing that pounds you too bad.  Of course that statement is coming from a guy that just finished The Race to Robie Creek last month which has a pounding downhill.

Ogden Marathon the Up Hill The Ogden Marathon has great support.  You have GU at most aid stations, water at all of them, oranges and bananas at many of them and PowerAde at most of them.  It’s great, you just pin on your number and you’re ready to go.



Ogden Marathon Course Pic 2 I usually take a duffle bag to the start of the race in Ogden.  They give you numbered bags but they don’t hold enough warm clothing.  They have burn barrels at the beginning of the race to keep you warm but I don’t like to stand near them for an the full hour wait after being bussed to the start.  I wear and take plenty of warm clothing and just stuff them in the duffle bag at the beginning of the race and load them on the truck.  I used duct tape to write my number on and stuck it to the side of the bag.  When you get to the finish you walk up to get your bag and mine was handed to me almost before I entered the area.

Ogden Marathon Course Pic 3 The only downside after the race is if you leave the recovery area you are not permitted to re-enter.  Many people didn’t see the signs that were easily missed when leaving and then were not permitted to re-enter even if they still had their race number.  I can see why they don’t want you to re-enter since more racers are going to be coming into the area and you need to get your refreshments and make room, however, it may need to be communicated to the racers as they finish.  I knew we couldn’t re-enter but that is only because I had run the full the two years prior.

Both my PR for the a full marathon and for the half marathon are on this course.  My full marathon PR is 3:48:23 and my half PR, done this year, is now 1:38:18. 

If you’ve never run this course I suggest that you at least consider it.  It is a fast, beautiful and well supported event.  However, it sells out fast so register early.

All but one of these photos I took from the Ogden Marathon’s Facebook.  You should check out their other photos to see just how nice this course is.

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