Jul 12

2010 Boise Spudman Swim Today’s swim bike run event was the Boise Spudman Triathlon.  I PR’d but I was hoping to do a little better on the run portion.  Over all I was happy with my time for the amount of Training I’ve been able to put in since the Boise 70.3.  I’ve still felt a little fatigued since that event.  I’m not sure why but I’m guessing I’m a head case.

It was a beautiful day for the race, a little breezy at the swim start but I didn’t really notice it during the race.  Andrew and I kept each other company by passing each other on the bike.  We laughed that out of all of the racers we just happened to be riding with each other the entire bike.  We got to T2 about 30 seconds apart, trailing Ryan by quite a ways.  Ryan finished with a 2:13, myself, 2:43.

The bike course starts with a 1.7 mile out and back for the first 3.2 miles.  After this you head to Highway 21 up and over Hilltop and down past lucky peak.  Brutal 3ish mile climb and then a great decent down past lucky peak.  After this you make your way through Columbia Village to Amity, left on Warm Springs then onto Park Center to T2.

Paul Bike Boise Spudman The run was a bit warm.  It probably wasn’t as hot as it felt but since we’ve had cooler weather this year about the only times I’ve run in hot weather has been during races, Robie Creek, Boise 70.3 and Boise Spudman Tri.  I saw the leader around mile .7 which means he was at around mile 5.5.  I yelled out, “I’m comin after you”.  I think it took a second for him to digest the B.S that I’d just thrown out but then he managed a courtesy chuckle as we passed by each other.  The run is mostly along the Boise Greenbelt and Park Center Blvd with a sub division in between. 

The support was great, traffic was considerate, and the weather was good for us.  Couldn’t ask for much better of a race.  Thanks Treasure Valley YMCA.

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