Jun 17

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So the Boise Ironman is over and I survived, barely.

Brent, Eric and I met downtown at 11:30 a.m. to set up our T2 and Brent’s wife, Lenea, took us up to the base of the dam at the reservoir for the start of the race.  There was a nice little climb up to the top of the dam and the starting line which was actually a nice little warm up for the legs.

Boise Ironman Below the swim startAs I reached the top Craig Alexander was also just getting to the T1 set up.  Of course he was in the front row and I was fourth from the back so he didn’t really have time to interview me like he probably wanted to.  I set up my bike, got my swim gear ready, made a last porta-toilet trip and then found a shaded area under a tree to wait for the start.

I’ve done five marathons, six or seven half marathons, and two olympic distance triathlons but the atmosphere here was just electric.  It’s always cool at race time but this race was just a couple notches ahead.  There were a lot of fans that showed up to the swim start and did a great job cheering for everyone just like they did the professionals.  They were also staggered along the bike ride and run throughout the race and really helped pull us through the race.

Boise Ironman DowntownDowntown was awesome.  During T2 and coming through two more times for the second lap of the run and the finish there were fans lining the streets.  The cheers were great.  Of course my pace was good coming through town.  Once I hit the green belt I would find a bush to hide behind and cry for awhile.

I started the race at 2:37, 37 minutes after the professional wave, and ended at 7:43 for an official race time of 7:06.  I was a bit disappointed in my time but considering the 30 to 40 mph winds during the bike ride I took it pretty well. 

Boise Ironman T2Looking back I can probably see a few things that I could have done differently on the bike.  I loaded up with Gatorade and GU.  Buy the time I got to the first aid station I hadn’t finished the aero bottle so I just went by.  Next time I won’t take spare bottles and I’ll just use the aid stations to refill.  Warm Gatorade to wash down Gu wasn’t good.  Cotton mouth, from the wind, along with the sticky feeling of the Gatorade and Gu made it impossible to eat along the ride.  This lack of eating may have made a difference in my final time.  So lack of nutrition, fighting the wind on the bike are my two excuses for finishing thirty minutes to an hour slower than I’d envisioned.

In my training I had done 50 miles on the bike and 8 mile run brick using the same bike route and did much better.  Of course this was with a slight breeze but after that training session I figured I should be able to finish between 6 to 6:30.  Oops!

Boise Ironman Run As I was burning through all I had during the bike there were many times I said to myself, “Self, just stop once you get to T2.  Give it up”.  But then I thought, “you spent $40 on visors that say Ironman 70.3 on them.  You got a hat and a shirt in your shwag.  You can’t wear those if you don’t finish”, so I pushed through.  There was a lot of run walking for me to finish the race but I made it and even though it took longer than expected I have a great sense of accomplishment.

For all of those that worked the race and those fans that lined the streets, thank you.  You made this event even better and I can see why it is such a draw for the professionals.

I have more photos on the swikun facebook page.

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